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Let’s use a handy metaphor. If we equate using Unroll.Me to spring cleaning, then unsubscribing would be akin to throwing out all the junk you’ve accumulated over time. Feels nice, doesn’t it? You now have a closet/inbox full of items that you want to keep.

Organize your inbox, efficiently

Now that you’ve decluttered your inbox, it’s time to get organized. Enter the Rollup, the organizational tool you never knew you needed, but can no longer live without. The Rollup is basically a newsletter that you can curate for yourself. Shopping deals? Travel deals? Lifestyle blogs? News updates? Social media notifications?

Whatever newsletters you want to keep — group them together and add them to a digest that will be sent to you once a day, at the time of your choosing.

Why users love Unroll.Me:

Easy on the eyes

See your favorite newsletters in a new, elegant way. Unroll.Me is available on every device.

Intuitive categories

Unroll.Me automatically categorizes your subscriptions in the Rollup, so you can quickly find what you want.

A folder with our name on it

Want to check a subscription individually? All emails in your Rollup also live directly inside your email client, in a folder called “Unroll.Me” They’re secure and easy to access.