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New List View

Making it easier to view your subscriptions, the new list view shows you all subscriptions in your inbox and allows you to easily search and act on your subscriptions to your heart’s desire.

Unsubscribe in Bulk

The wait is finally over! You can now select multiple (or all) subscriptions and bulk unsubscribe, keep, or rollup.

Rollup Revamped

Don’t want to unsubscribe but also don’t want to keep a subscription in your inbox? No worries! Roll it up, and Unroll.Me will notify you whenever you have new emails in your rollup.

Edit Subscriptions

Unsubscribed from something but want to keep it instead? Tap the subscriptions tab and make edits to your subscriptions with ease. Nothing is permanent…make changes as you wish.

Rich Text Emails

All subscriptions in Unroll.Me can display a preview of the email in Rich Text allowing you to quickly decide what to do with a subscription. That’s not all…the built-in browser will allow you to tap through links